Instated Emotion


This was a very short-lived project of mine from 2012. It was initially an experiment into what kind of creative, artistic expression I might be able to squeeze out of just an iPhone. It was also born of a dislike for/boredom with Instagram’s ‘popular’ tab. My own sense of smugness in this project was reflected in the title “Instated Emotion” which I first encountered as an autocorrect of the original title: “InstaRedemption.”

The basic method was to browse Instagram’s popular tab, select photos with clear and distinct subjects, then screen-capture them to my phone. Using an app called TouchRetouch I would remove the subject, allowing the void to be filled in by the app’s imperfect extrapolation (interpolation?) of the background. I would then bring it into Photoforge2 (now apparently defunct), and use the original image to create a mask and delete the background. The result, which you can see below, is a silhouette of the original subject, but one painted-over with the garbled echoes of the now-empty background.

I feel like these hold up even now in a curious way, and I might try something similar again in the future. Each image took around one or two hours, depending on the intricacy of the silhouette.